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Corporate image

The implementation of brand strategy to develop brand management
The brand is the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of enterprises, brand competitiveness, enterprises is the key to winning the future market. KRd will with excellent products and thoughtful service to build brand. The process of brand promotion is the sustainable development of enterprises. Conscientiously implement the brand strategy, enhance brand image, promote the brand value. Provide high quality, complete function, unique products and services for users and society.


Management idea

We should respect the market, grasp the direction of the market, seize the opportunity of the market, and constantly meet the needs of the customers;
Seek economic benefits and actively seek development
To make green products, attach great importance to environmental protection and reduce pollution emission.


Enterprise system

Management supremacy, people-oriented and often change Yongxin
The ultimate goal of KRd management is to improve the efficiency of the enterprise
In order to improve the efficiency as the center, optimize the combination, give full play to the potential of the staff.



People oriented: pay attention to the training of talents and create high quality work environment;
Customer first: take the customer as the center, improve the service quality;
Focus on pragmatism: strive for perfection and strict control;
Development and Innovation: technology optimization, positive innovation;
Honesty and trustworthiness: honesty and integrity, keep the promise.


Group consciousness

Work together with one heart with Ru Tongrong
In the market competition, the individual's strength is limited, and the unity and cooperation can resist the wind and waves.
Everyone is an indispensable member of the team, and personal honor and team honor are closely linked.
Trust and respect are the foundations of teamwork, and work together for the honor of the team.

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